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Bath soap used daily, can keep your skin healthy and beautiful. How to choose a suitable soap?

Look beautiful is important for women. In addition to beautiful, of course, also need to be healthy. Beauty expert stated, a beautiful woman will shine from skin clean, fresh, smooth and toned. This condition does not come by itself. Caring for skin health and beauty are two things that can not be separated.

The simplest way to create a healthy and beautiful skin is to the soap, which can cleanse the skin of bacteria, germs and fungi. Soap bath soap good.There two types that we know, ordinary soap and antiseptic soap.

Plain soap (non-antiseptic) is usually used as a cleaner and fresher body, after a day of exposure to dust and sunlight. Alkali, one of the basic ingredients of soap, dirt and grease cleaning function of the skin’s surface. But, there is a dry skin type, alkali can actually make the skin grow dry, and irritated busik. So, generally added moisturizer soap that will leave a soft effect, fragrant and fresh on the skin.

For some people, a shower with regular soap is not enough. Regular soap is not considered optimal cleanse the skin of germs, bacteria and mold that settle on the skin. They then use a special antibacterial soap and germs, known as an antiseptic soap. This type of soap is proven to reduce, even eliminate the bacteria that cause infections, rashes, acne skin infectious, and digestive diseases.

Various ingredients are mixed as the most common antiseptik.yang triclosan (the liquid soaps) and triclocarban (the solid soap). Both of these ingredients work together to kill bacteria and mushroom.sulfur too many antiseptic soap added to a solid form. This material is derived from a natural source and is very effective in killing bacteria and fungi.

Unfortunately, antiseptic soap it will make your skin dry and stiff when it is too often used to overcome them, many products are now regular soap enriched with antiseptics as skin protector. This type of soap, both liquid and solid, are safer to use any antiseptic used hari.Bahan remains the same, triclosan, triclocarban, or sulfur, it’s just that abortion is lighter than antiseptic soap.

This soap is also equipped with a leather moisturizer (moisturizer) of natural ingredients such as honey, oatmeal, floral aromas and fruit, milk and vitamin E. As with ordinary soap, moisturizer, skin moisturizing role by storing water in the outer skin. Moreover, it also returns the cells of dead skin with new cells. Well, if you want to keep skin healthy and beautiful manicured, soap combination could be an option.