Women 30 Years, Should Quit Smoking

Your 30-year-old woman and a smoker? If yes then it is advisable to stop smoking. Prompts quit this, please do not understood as specifically recommended for women 30 years. Whoever you are, you should really stop smoking. Because the fact is, smoking is not only hurt yourself but also those around him.

Smoking is a habit of mankind since ancient times. Smoking is a part of the lifestyle and social symbols. Even now, many young women who smoke, including children. Smoking, although many give danger, but many people have not tried to stop it.

Smoking cessation efforts made by the people of Indonesia are supported by institutions and community organizations. No less have forbidden smoking. Despite this prohibition raises the pros and cons.

Effects Stop Smoking Women 30 Years
It has been widely known, smoking can increase the risk of early death for someone. So that campaigned to stop smoking for anyone. It must be recognized that smoking more dangerous than good, less positive effects than negative.

There are interesting facts based on the latest research. In a recent study conducted in England obtained the fact that women who stop smoking at age 30 can significantly eliminate the possibility of an increased risk of premature death. The risk of death for women aged 30 years who quit smoking can be reduced to achieve a fantastic figure, 90 percent.

Expressed by Sir Richard Peto, as quoted by Medical News Today, Wednesday (31/10), women who stop smoking at the age of 30 years can reduce the risk of premature death.

The examination as mentioned above by a number of researchers from Oxford University. Research done for the 1.3 million women in the UK. The age of the objects in the range of 50-65 years.

Participants in the study were about 20 percent are active smokers, ex-smokers as much as 28 percent, and women who had never smoked at all by 52 percent. During the period 1996-2001, researchers collected data in detail. Matters of note is the woman’s smoking status, lifestyle or life style, medical conditions, and social factors.

After twelve years later, the researchers returned to Data Collection to the condition of all women participants in the study. Including data collection and the object to be known is that participants who died and what caused his death. The researchers found that participants who are active smokers die 10 years earlier than female participants who do not have the habit of smoking.

From the results of these studies further revealed that two thirds of women smokers who continue to perform activities of smoking till the age of 40 years is generally died at age 50 years, 60 years, or 70 years. The main causes of their deaths were due to disease Chronic lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Keep in mind that in the United Kingdom and the United States, women born in 1940 are the first generation to have a habit throughout his life.

Increased risk of death in women is influenced by active smokers each cigarette smoked per day. Women who spend a cigarette up to nine cigarettes per day had a risk of premature death twice faster if than in others.