10 Scams You Need Caution Mode

In everyday life, we actually have an increased risk for fraud.
Therefore, we need to be vigilant in the face of various modes of fraud that could come at any time.

Therefore, we need to constantly raise awareness of the possibilities of fraud can be approached. The following are the ten modes scams
should be aware.

1. Commonly used mode is the mode to use SMS or phone.
You will be informed of a matter that can provoke your emotions, whether it’s winning lottery information or even information that leads to confrontational like a family member who had an accident. In the end you will be asked to transfer some money.

2. Fraud under the guise of the package.
Victims are encouraged to save or make long-term investments within a month. Then, in a period of time, the victim will be promised to earn a few percent and a range of gifts As with bonuses.

Perpetrators usually add certain parties who already has a name, such as a particular bank or a particular company.

3. Scams that take advantage of the situation to lose.
If you lose something, like a wallet, vehicle registration, other valuables, or even disappear. Be careful when you put your phone number in the newspaper or the internet.

This mode will usually inform you that your goods have been found and the players will ask you to transfer a sum of money in exchange for the cost of transport.

4. Mode of child abduction.
You will be informed that your child is they abduct you you will be asked to make up some money to replace your child.

5. Impersonate fraud charges.
Perpetrators typically involves a monthly bill you for profit.

6. Fraud by claiming mode as an old friend.
Actors will claim to be your old friend and try to convince you to transfer some money.

7. Mode with lottery scams.
You will be informed of winning the lottery coupons and you are asked to transfer some money as a gift shipping costs.

8. Fraud with free voucher mode.
You are informed win free vouchers are sent via email are required to transfer some money to the perpetrators.

9. Fraud mode with tuition fees.
Actors will claim to be from your college finance and informed that the account number has changed campus.

10. Fraud mode with bank interest.
NWill perpetrators claiming to be from a particular bank where you deposit and ask you to transfer money to a particular account.