Nat Geo Photo Contest Win Then disqualified 72 Hours Later

Parables, such as this, an Olympic gold medal winning athlete, and a few moments later medal was revoked because he was caught breaking the rules. Photographers Herry Fisch experienced something similar to this when he declared to be the first champion in the National Geographic photo for categories where and traveling, but in the next 72 hours his title later in disqualification.
Cause Herry disqualified? Herry using the cloning tool in Photoshop to eliminate plastic waste that is in the right picture. See the two photos below, the above is the original image while the photo below is a photo of the cloning tool.











Contest rules specified that image processing is allowed only burning (darken) and dodging (make brighter), while eliminating certain object is expressly prohibited.
Actually there are two scenarios that can be done to eliminate waste Herry without breaking the rules of the contest:
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Doodle Boat, Adventure Fun Cross the River

For you Android and iOS users may have heard of the game Doodle Jump developer Gamehouse. This game has a characteristic that its cartoon graphics like graffiti images of children. After the game Doodle Jump Android popular among the more developers than Game House that emit smells Doodle games, one of which is the Snake Boat from developer Mass Creation.

Doodle Boat boat is a game where you will adventure by boat down the river to complete the given mission. Some of the missions to be accomplished like to go sailing as far as possible and become The Duke of River; ambush by the river and interfere with young people who sunbathe; shooting obstacles and other water facilities in the river, collect coins and buy better boats; bring the material More fuel for the travel arrangements, and of course get the best results.

In Doodle Boat you will find some kind of enemy with different vessels such as fishing boats and motorcycles to speedboats in this game comes with a set of obstacles that must be overcome, quoted paseban.

Additionally, in this game there are five boats that can be unlocked and the three types of fuel consumption. This game also supports Open Feint where you can beat the other players who have the highest scores and other players flew out of the water.
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Undergoing Job Interview With the Intelligent

In a job interview, we often see some of the questions that are sometimes difficult to answer. Some questions are often associated with the ability and personality yourself. Therefore, need a bit of a clever way to answer it properly without having to look haughty or arrogant.

Here are some questions that often arise when a job interview and tips to answer these questions intelligently.

According to your own, if you are smart?

You should answer that question with a “Yes”, because intelligence is not only measured by IQ level. If interpreted broadly, intelligence also covers how you can deal with various situations and interact with many people, especially those who are completely new you know.
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Extra Care For Maintaining Quality Silk

In addition to beautiful, silk fabrics synonymous with luxury. A large selection of colors and patterns, making the most of the women are interested in making it as one of your favorite collection to be worn as casual, and formal events.

Although relatively durable, the silk fiber protein similar to human hair that needs to be treated in order to keep it looking good and healthy. By knowing how to proper care, you can keep silk clothing in peak condition for years.

How to care for silk appropriately? Consider the following tips, as summarized from various sources,

Keep silk in a dry and not damp. Always use a clothes hanger made of soft, foam-covered.

Avoid ironing directly on the surface of the silk fabric. Use cloth or clothing to cover you when ironed silk fabric and iron on the inside with a moderate temperature. Continue reading “Extra Care For Maintaining Quality Silk”

Review: Sparta Tabulet

Tabulet is one of Indonesian native PC vendors are aggressively introducing their new products to consumers. After struggling in the PC world better through their unique computer keyboard and Android tablets, Tabulet tried to play in the smartphone segment by launching their first smartphone equipped with Android operating system.

Sparta was one of “The New Three Musketeers” Tabulet which was launched simultaneously in the event the Indonesian Cellular Show some time ago. Like most other local phones, Sparta also carrying two card slots which will increase the choice of Dual ON Android smartphone on the market.


Sparta is not designed to compete with the slim smartphone market, but in general he is comfortable in the hand with a relatively light weight. As some products from Tabulet tablet, the screen is surrounded by a black frame that could be used to make the screen becomes wider, especially at the bottom of the 4 buttons touch sensitive Home, Menu, Back and Search are. Above the screen we can see the earpiece, light sensor and front camera, no-frills brand Tabulet.

This device uses a microUSB socket located on the left side. The power button is adjacent to the 3.5 mm audio jack on the top, while the volume control on the right side, parallel to the camera shutter button. To open the case back, you can put the nail in a small alcove on the side near the bottom of the microphone. Behind Casing itself is quite unique, especially in the design of the camera lens and flash sit because there is a hole that makes the camera as though it could be closed by a sliding protective. Apparently not, because the hole if considered carefully is the speaker. O yes, the logo Tabulet with its tagline “everyone. anytime. anywhere. “can also be found on this side.
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