4 Facts About Business Email and threat

In the easy-paced era, as now, many things can be done easily, quickly and on the go (mobile). One is the business. Yes, the business can be carried anywhere easily and quickly. Affairs of his correspondence can be done using email. The intensity of email usage today is very sharp increase with increasing gadget with email features like tablets and smartphones.

The logical consequence of the increasing use of tablets and smartphones for business is the email traffic is very dense. If the first person to use a computer from the office or at home for business, wherever they are now in business to do so as an email exchange very intense.

But one thing is worrying, intensity and density exchange data using business email like this, either using a PC, tablet or smartphone has fueled growth and development of spam and malware. Spam and malware are now a threat to business email .

4 Facts About Business Email
Why spam and malware a threat to business email? and why did the spam and malware to enter into a business email? Here are some facts and the latest data revealed by Trend Micro about business email (facts about business email):

Facts About Business Email: circulation and exchange business emails per day has now reached 89 billion, and this figure represents 60% of the daily email traffic overall outstanding
Facts About Business Email: 16% of emails received by the businessman is spam from about an average of 100 emails per day received
Facts About Business Email: By the end of 2016 the number of business email traffic will break the more than 143 billion
Facts About Business Email: the fact that 73% of employees in a company to say that they have used the company email for the purpose of sending and receiving documents are categorized as highly confidential. Things are generally sent and received via email is the company’s business strategy company information, product, sales quotations, customer, design, and much more.
Threats to Business Email
Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704) sees the security threats in the Asia Pacific region, though still in the form of the old threat, but the threat has changed the time and renew their attack methods and ways. One form now is when cyber criminals hacked into the email the company in order to steal vital data.

Threats and attacks by cyber criminals is not only business email, they can also use the other media. But the attacks as well as the greatest threat is through the company’s business email, USB, and then fake web, especially those in the form of recruitment offers job. Forms of attack is to use resistance to further get into other people’s networks.

The reason why cyber criminals are more focused in making threats and attacks them with stealing a company’s vital data is extremely simple. Threats and attacks are events that occur in small companies that generally works by utilizing a wide variety of mobile media. Mobile devices generally do not have a maximum security so it is possible if they are at risk of an attack.

Increasing Threat of Cyber ​​Crime Trend
Cyber ​​crime from time to time continue to increase both the quantity and its quality. Global trends that are currently showing the development of cybercrime quality media is exploited very sophisticated attack. One example of a tool that is used commit cyber crime is the Automatic Transfer System (ATS). With ATS cyber criminals can commit theft of banking information at the time the bank is online.

Currently, events in the world of cyber crime involving banking Automatic Transfer System or ATS detected in Europe. And in Asia Pacific (including Indonesia, of course) showed an increase in the number of online banking users. This means that it has opened the doors of cybercrime using Automatic Transfer System (ATS).