5 Free Photoshop Plugins That You Should Download

Five free plugin below but quality though, so please choose which one fits your needs, and then download it directly. For the record, these plugins except Pixel Bender is compatible with Photoshop CS3 and above.
OnOne Perfect Effects 3

OnOne Perfect Effects 3 is a plugin homemade onOne Software, a leading maker plugin. They released a free version of their very popular plugin, PhotoTools. You can tweak your photos with different effects and filters: cross process, cyanotype, sepia and vintage. If you like it,

Dreamy Photo

Dreamy Photo is a plugin that can make your photo has a mystical aura like a dreamland. In this plugin you can find the settings for soft-glow, blurry zoom, soft focus and so

Photoshop Edge FX 2.3

Photoshop Edge FX is a plugin created by Sebastien Piconnier. The primary use of this plugin is to give your pictures a unique frame. This plugin gives you a collection of 60 different frames which can be reset according to taste. You can also give effect kinds Glow or Drop Shadow.

pixel Bender

Pixel Bender is Adobe issued its own plugin, the maker of Photoshop. This plugin is experimental, its main purpose is that you can twist your photo as seen above, jeni can vary.

PhotoFrame 2.4.5 Free

PhotoFrame 4.5 Free is a free plugin from onOne also output. Function for adding frames as Photoshop Edge FX, but has a focus on other effects, such as Polaroid frames, film strips and watercolor. You can combine the textures and borders to create a unique effect