6 Reasons For Not headquarter at Home

Currently working and home office has become the choice of many people. This is done by considering a variety of reasons each course.

Various parties who choose to work at home and the office does give the impression is the right choice and practical. Part of the reason they use is to save travel time and spend more time for their personal lives in addition to some that want to be close to the baby. However, the fact is not the case and it is different from what they want.

Some people think that home-based work and very profitable. But for others it is very harmful and disruptive. These ratings illustrate a plus minus negative or positive work and home office.

Each person has a different view of the subjective and usually based on personal experience. Apart from the personal experience of the work and in the home office, it’s good to see the problems of home-based work and objectively. Point of view on the matter based on the survey results. From the results of the survey revealed that home-based work and a lot of downside and should not be selected.

Headquartered Should Not Work And At Home
Admittedly, there is a positive side if one prefers to work at home and office. But of course the negative things that accompany it also needs to be taken into account to do so.

Here are 5 reasons or reasons why you should not choose to work and home office:

Work and home office greatly affects concentration and work productivity. That is because home-based work and it can lead to problems family harmony. Data obtained from a survey explains that there are 63 percent of children and or families who require more attention from him. Thus, if attention is not obtained by the family it will be because the emergence of family issues
Work from home and office clearly can affect concentration and productivity. Facts prove that more than six out of 10 people said that they were very disturbed by children or families who require more attention from him while working at home
Not only the demand and demand attention by the family that can lead to decreased concentration and productivity at work and in the home office, according to survey results was 63 percent due to a bad internet connection and unreliable
Another good reason to not work and the home office is the fact that 61 percent of respondents cited difficulty accessing office equipment. It is recognized as a problem for workers at home
Besides, there are also health issues obtained in the survey work and the office in the house. There were 13 percent of respondents complained of poor posture caused by workplace setting. One in 10 respondents complained that his posture is influenced by improvised setting or home office arrangement. Bad posture can lead to fatal health problems. Example strain injury is repeated
Psychologically, there among the respondents who feel lonely, isolated and cut off from the outside world as well as their friends.
The headquarter Alternative Work And At Home
Given the home-based work and a lot of downside then you should look for another place with due regard to the initial intention to save travel time and close to family. Work place that is not too far away with the home environment can be selected. This option can maintain a professional image, improve productivity and remain assured of the campaign workers.

Data on work and home offices are the result of a survey conducted by interviewing more than 24,000 respondents who are existing businesses in more than 90 countries. The survey was conducted in September 2012 ago.