Addressing Argue in Public Places

Conflict in a relationship is normal. Sometimes, even we can not deny that there is a conflict in our relationships.

Factor of the conflict was a wide range. Some of them are jealous, do not understand the couple, especially going drawbacks, and various little things can be a trigger.

In addition, conflicts can occur anywhere, sometimes even in public places. Some people may be able to resist not to quarrel in public.

However, many of those who could not control his anger sparking fights everywhere, including in public. Of course it is not only embarrassing, but also makes the conflict more widespread.
To anticipate and resolve contentious boyfriend in public, we need to have a strategy. Among others:

· When the conflict began to arise, be calm.
· Avoid talking too much and respond to his word when the conflict began to emerge.
· Attain so emotionally overwhelming overflow
· Avoid that we do not participate with emotion.
· Make her feel comfortable on our side.
· Find out how to dampen her emotions and her boyfriend made quieter.
· Tell him fine when we and the couple were alone, but do not forget to make sure that she was really quiet.

Basically, if an overflow of emotion, can be appeased and soothed with patience and a gentle caress. Wipe hands when he started the emotions as well as a sign not to quarrel in public.

Besides, if he’s already tempered, usually tone began to rise or start asking satire, give a smile and ask him jokingly. Like a drink of water can also help.

Point importance is never drift away and the atmosphere for up blood so no atmosphere heats up. Keep your mind and heart to keep it quiet. If my boyfriend started a fight we are in public, it would be better if we were a little down. However, that does not mean we humbly. At home, talk well with a cool head.

Patience and compassion are basically able to change one’s vices. For that, we need more emmahami how to deal with a boyfriend who likes to fight in public.