Adjust Color Nuance Character Through Houses

Want to change your mood or to re-energize you? Or customize the home to your true character? You can begin by changing the color of the paint or furniture in the house.

Although somewhat relatively quickly, but according to the study of psychology, dye house, buy furniture, etc. with certain colors were able to increase happiness, as well as describing the specific message to the owner who sees or comes into the house.

Let us identify some of the meaning of colors to suit interior design the house or psychology, as quoted from eHow and fimelle, following,


For centuries, understood as a passionate red. People who choose red shades partially, such as red for the walls, sofas, etc., were generally optimistic, relaxed, and passionate in life.


Are you a fan of colors including blue? Blue is the symbol of peace, comfort, and stability. Blue is the sky and water mix so that anyone who sees it will feel the calmness and peace.


Connoisseurs of color wanted to tell the guests that they liked the balance and harmony of nature. Something that is natural and a natural life for their encouragement.


Cheerful and shines very suitable to describe the color yellow. Someone who likes the color yellow is usually more intelligent, adventurous, and loves freedom.


Beautiful purple color of the flowers lavender, plum or eggplant fruit, as an indication that the buff color that has a creative soul, artistic, and something with an undying love.


Sexy and classy way to describe the color. Black most widely used to make decorations. Black aura is very strong and is used to indicate that there is a hidden ideas that are not addressed by the host.


Someone who likes white believe that white is “white as white as snow”. White is identical to a simple personality, comfortable, young, and innocent.


Full of passion and excitement. Someone who decorated his room with orange colors usually have an outgoing personality, social, outgoing, and love being the center of attention.


It is the color of wealth, glory, glamor, and glitz. Buff color gold usually conservative people, likes luxury, stylish and elegant.


Those who adorned his house with the shades of gray are seekers of peace and the type of person has an instinct for modern interior design. Given the gray is a mix of white and black, those who decorate his house with this color is a type that can be compromised.


The beautiful color is a combination of passion and affection. Those who love the color pink is a person who likes to be addressed, but has charisma. The touch of a soft pink makes the room very beautiful and charming. Pair pink with gray and black for a modern look.


Usually maroon fans have quiet nature, kind, humble, but controlled. Maroon is also synonymous with soul.


Like the color brown? Brown fans usually have a stable personality, humble, but sometimes stubborn. Brown color in a room can make the atmosphere calm and comfortable.