Baby’s Development 12 Months From Day to Day

Walk with one hand held
Currently there are some babies who are able to walk on his own. But if not, he will generally be able to walk if it is held with the help of one hand. But you still have to be careful because it is still easy to lose balance.

Giving objects to others
Ask a familiar object with the palm of your hand, then he would give him the right. Or he would be happy to put toys into a container if requested.

He is now able to mimic sounds familiar, such as ‘woof-woof’ for the sound of a dog and ‘meow’ of a cat.

Great curiosity
You like a little baby explorers who want to learn the contents of each room and the house. He even pulled the tablecloth and grab anything to satisfy her curiosity.

Help it to:

More independent, if you have to leave it for a while. Naturally, if he cried and refused to be left behind, but hug and kiss her briefly and immediately closed the door. Never leave quietly or lie.
Catch her ??when she was unsteady when walking, so as not to stumble hard object.
Learning to eat with a spoon, because the fingers are more adept at grasping smaller objects.
Enrich his vocabulary with words that are more difficult, such as when bathing, he introduced the members of his body. And let me know the names of things he sees every day or on a holiday, such as fountains, bus, clowns, and so on.
Develop the ability to experiment more seriously. The trick, do not give him too many restrictions. Give him a chance as he continued to watch her.