Balanced Pregnancy Nutrition

Observing food should be consumed during pregnancy so that the body remains fit and healthy growing fetus. Pregnant women need healthy food for themselves and their babies. Pregnant women should not fear fat, because if you do not get the appropriate weight gain during pregnancy may be at risk to the baby, which was born premature or low birth weight (LBW).

According to the calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) before pregnancy and weight according to the calculations is apparently normal. Thus, during pregnancy can put on weight between 11-16 kg and should not be less than 11kg. Food consumed during pregnancy should contain:

Consume 2-3 servings per day.
Sources: lean meat, chicken chest, eggs, tofu, tempeh, and beans.

Drink 2 cups / day.
Sources: cheese, anchovies, and green vegetables.

Needs 400 micrograms / day.
Sources: fruits, fresh green vegetables, nuts, liver, and meat.

The need is 30-60 mg / day.
Sources: red meat, green leafy vegetables and dried fruit.

vitamin C
Consuming vitamin C 70-80 mg / day will help the absorption of iron from plants.
Sources: guava, strowberri, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, apples, and vegetables.

Consuming fiber-third of the size of the meal.
Sources: vegetables and nuts.

Drink at least 2 liters a day to aid in digestion of food and the production of blood.

Calorie needs
First trimester: Â ± 2200 calories / day, Trimester II and III: Â ± 2400 calories / day