Beautiful uninhabited island

Take a trip nature is one that is very exciting kind of holiday. Not only we can enjoy the beautiful scenery during the holidays alone, but we also get a bit of learning how to take care of nature in which we live today.

There is one place that we can use as a nature tourism. In a small uninhabited island in the South of Malang precisely, we will be treated to a very beautiful panorama reversed that looked haunted island surrounded by reefs surrounding sharp.

But make no mistake, on the island of coral that looks haunted there is paradise in the middle of the middle. An island that has a lake in the middle of the middle.

Very beautiful if we take in at sunrise or sunset. Looks very beauty of His creation when he saw the blue water and the wind rustling through the coral reefs infiltrate sharply into the island.

For those of us who want to travel to the uninhabited island located in the South Malang named the island Sempu precisely, we can prepare a few things first before going to get there.

Bring enough supplies is very important because the island Sempu absolutely no people selling or ATM.

In the island really pristine with all the beautiful natural scenery that looks untouched by humans. Blue Lagoon is another nickname of the island because of the clarity of the water Sempu.

To go to the island Sempu, we have to cross the ocean. We can cross from the south of Malang. Menyeberangnya itself was relatively long.

But in the future we should be prepared for the crossing if at any time we feel seasick. Because of the crossing to the island is pretty Sempu takes time.

In addition, once we arrived on the island Sempu, we still need to walk along the edge of the island to be entered into the center of the island which has a beautiful view.

Some of the equipment we need to prepare the adventure seems to increase the safety factor. For instance boots or shoes are mountain climbers will be very suitable when used for the sharp coral reefs along the island Sempu.

In addition, some rope and carabiner also we need to prepare if a time we need it. The tent is an essential equipment and most important if we want to visit the island Sempu.

Due to visit the island Sempu impossible to do in a short time, then we shall need a rest and enjoy the scenery on the island for a few days. It also needs to be taken into account by the number of our stores.

Due do the traveling on the island Sempu absolutely no electricity and also sinyalpun not there.

So make sure you have prepared a plan how long we’ll be there. And especially we need to give the news to your family or friends when we would do Sempu the holiday island.