Best Quality Sennheiser Headphones Release

Music is one thing that we can not release as such, as long as we live in this world. Even for some individuals, music has been a part of his life. Many of the opinion that says that music is the most loyal friends, whenever and wherever we are. Lucky, Nathaniel Baldwin has developed a tool that now-now familiar as the headphones.

Along with the times and technology, the headphones has experienced growth. The designs are first looks very conventional, is really becoming more modern and trendy. From the technology side too, evolved headphones are pretty incredible. Various development produced by the experts, makes us really get to enjoy the music and rhythm of the song perfectly.

Cycle similar to that experienced by the world of fashion, the developers had come to change the headphones from the design of its products to be more eye-catching. Unfortunately, the developers chose to waive the more priority to the quality and appearance of products alone. Though the trend still continues to this day, but the awareness to make big changes need to be raised by one of the big players in the world headphones.

Sennheiser as one of the names that have value among the users headphones, finally began to move. In order to compete with the rush of trendy headphones, Sennheiser headphones set new. Sennheiser Momentum comes with a fresh new design, very different from the concept design of the other Sennheiser headphones lineup.

Carrying the concept of retro-modern, these headphones come with aluminum alloy material and a charming brown leather. In essence, the owner will not be shy to wear in public without looking tacky.

Sound reproduction from 40 mm drivers that you can find behind the soft earpad foam coated high-quality genuine leather from Pittards Leather Factory, England.

In the package, you also get a special bag to store them and wired 3.5 mm jack with microphone and remote to answer calls, adjust the volume or select songs when connected to a smartphone.

According to information written by Kristian Tjahjono from Yahoo!, Momentum Sennheiser Headphones will be available soon in the United States in October 2012. Producers set the price of its flagship product USD350  . Of course the price will not be too expensive for those who believe strongly in maintaining the quality of the sound headphones than a trendy design.