Best Ways to Keep Hand Wash

Wash hands with soap and water, a method that has been known since long, it is the best way in freeing the hands from germs. Although the current range of products have sprung up to clean hands as anti-bacterial gel and wet wipes.

Thus the results of research conducted on university North Carolina, to 62 adult participants by providing a test using 14 hand-cleaning materials, which can fight bacteria and certain viruses. As a result, soap and water, proved most effective in ridding hands of viruses and germs.

Germs are used in this study is a germ that is more ‘powerful’ than the flu virus. This study used five methods of washing hands is only washed with alcohol, without using water, the wet wipes that contain chemicals, using products such as gel containing anti-bacterial ingredients, using ordinary soap that does not contain anti-bacterial and last by using water only.
The participants dipped his hand as usual, and then given bacteria and viruses in both hands, and lastly they wash their hands using one of the methods above for 10 seconds. Then measured to see how many germs are still lagging behind.

Each participant repeated the steps up to 10 times to see the effectiveness of each of these methods after getting exposure to germs and viruses.
After one washing hands, use hand gel and soap, gave similar results, which could only remove 99 percent of germs. But after washing the hands of a few times with plain soap and warm water, proved to give the most effective in getting rid of germs. To get rid of germs, anti-microbial soaps provide the most effective results, clean the germs up to 99 percent after washing several times. Moderate hand wipes, providing the least effective results, simply get rid of germs half alone.

Soap and water works more effectively because it will wash away germs that germs can be released. Being with wet wipes or materials without water, no washing done. Just wipe your hands and let it dry. Liquid hand sanitizer is effective enough to be used as an alternative. Moderate hand gels are less effective if hands dirty, because the mud for example.