Canon EOS-1D C: Able DSLR Camera Recording movies in 4K format

Beginning in 2012 opened by Canon to bring special cinematography camera, the Canon EOS C300 in Indonesia. The camera is priced at fantastic prices are now likely to get a new friend in class with the presence of Canon EOS-1D C.

Unlike the Canon EOS C300 that newfangled big, Canon EOS-1D C DSLR body packed in a relatively smaller. Own technology adopted from Canon EOS DSLR technology-1DX which first released by putting a full frame sensor and 18.1-megapixel Canon uses two flagship processor, DIGIC 5 +.

Although similar technology, the Canon EOS-1D C comes with video recording optimization is much better. This is evident in the APS-H sensor with a longer crop yield and temperature management sector that is designed to keep the camera easy to heat (overheating) while recording a video for a long time. Thermal management is essential given the size of the recording video format is quite big compared to regular DSLR generally limited to the resolution of Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels. In addition, Canon is also complete with Canon Log Gamma technology that serves to optimize the video in widescreen format. That way, the picture looks more detailed, sharp and rich in color.

In terms of video recording capability, sensor 1.18-megapixel Full Frame can be used to record his 8-bit 4:2:2 video in 4K format (resolution of 4096 × 2160 pixels at 24 fps). The camera can also be used to record video in Full HD 1920x1080p standard format with an average frame rate at 24fps to 60fps. Not only excels in video recording, the Canon EOS-1D C can also be used to take photographs. With the availability of a complete selection of ISO up to ISO 25.600 is reliable camera to record video or take photos in low-light conditions.

In addition to video recordings of screen cinema, Canon also came with Canon EOS-1D C with ease. Such as storage media that rely on the CF memory card just like any other Canon DSLR Professional, support for EF lenses and EF Cinema lenses, a socket for headphones and HDMI connection is available as a media connectivity.

If you are interested, DSLR camera targeted to the film industry is priced at around U.S. $ 15,000 for the body only.