Canon EOS 60Da: DSLR Special for Astronomy Enthusiasts

For those of you who like shooting stars in the sky or enthusiastic with things in space astronomy, Canon brings a special camera to suit your hobby is the Canon EOS 60Da.

Previous generation Canon has also released a special astronomical camera like in the year 2005 by adopting Canon 20D DSLR camera. And this time for a new generation, comes with a Canon Canon EOS 60D camera adopts that comes with a swivel screen 3-inch size and resolution 18-megapixel CMOS sensor capable of presenting the photos minimal noise. Even up to 6400 ISO options are available which can be expanded to ISO 12800.

The different versions of astronomy with regular DSLR camera lies only in the degree of sensitivity of hydrogen alpha. With the technological infra-red filter for a lifted, Canon EOS 60Da has a high sensitivity hydrogen alpha 3x more sensitive than digital SLR cameras in general. Thanks to that, the Canon EOS 60Da can be used to photograph the beauty of outer space, nebulae, and other cosmic phenomena with the result that more clear and sharp.

For the lens, in addition to using a super-telephoto EF lenses, Canon EOS 60Da can also be paired with a telescope through a T-ring adapter. For those of you who want to just look around space, the mode Live View mode, the Canon EOS 60Da can be connected to the television screen to get a bigger screen.

If you are interested to have it, the Canon EOS 60D will be available in the market in April 2012 with a price tag of around U.S. $ 1,499.