Capsules Anti Doomsday

Doomsday is the destruction of the universe and the events according to the Bible there is no single creature on earth who can save themselves. No place is safe at the time. Buildings and even mountains moulder . The planets and celestial bodies other collide. Sea water is spilled and drown land , Doomsday really scary event.

However, the events that creepy doomsday for some people it is a profitable and behavior issues for sale. It is a war equipment store in the United States Navy which makes the issue of apocalypse as a means to bolster the dollar. The store sells anti doomsday capsule.

The shop is located in a town called Altamonte Springs, State of Florida, USA, Selling capsuleĀ  anti apocalypse is believed to provide protection during the apocalypse. Anti doomsday capsule is considered able to withstand all the awesomeness of the Day of Judgement. Even with the capsule anti apocalypse, residents could lavish as it is filled in with fancy equipment and provide comfort.

Anti Doomsday Capsule is made of metal. Created as more like the shape of a tube or a long and large pipe. Anti doomsday capsule three meters high and has a length of 9.8 meters.
As quoted in the Daily Mail, Thursday (18/10), to use Capsules Anti Resurrection, you have to bury the capsule Anti Doomsday seven meters deep underground. Anti doomsday capsule, he said, providing maximum protection from the attacks of hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

So when the Day of Judgment has arrived, you and three others can still relax in Capsules Anti Doomsday comfortably without feeling fury and destruction of the final day.

Or if you want a more comfortable like in a capsule hotel in the Anti-Apocalypse when the end times have arrived, you can ask the store to complete with flat screen televisions, computers, and so on to the sofa and addded money of course.

Anti doomsday capsule is made with two doors. In an emergency, you can save yourself by passing through the roof Capsules Anti Doomsday.

But you know, anti doomsday capsule that until now no one has purchased by consumers. This may be because the price is too expensive or not one believes in the power capsules that hold the awesomeness Anti Doomsday End of Days.