Careful Use of Excessive flavoring

When cooking, use flavor is a must, because without it the dish that is not going to taste and less enjoyable.

Thus, the widely used Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), which is one type of the most commonly used spice in many foods.

Monosodium glutamate or people often call vetcin is put into a dish so savory and delicious food. However, please note, that besides menggurihkan and menyedapkan food, Juha vetcin have side effects that can harm the health, if the use is walkin by the rules.

Lots of food, drinks and food in packaging that uses vetcin, even in beverage packaging such as yoghurt, sauces containing vetcin too.
Therefore, vetcin is one thing that is hard for us to avoid, but we have to do is carefully use excessive flavor, that flavor that we eat are not over the limit.

The usage limits or vetcin flavor for humans is approximately 0 to 120 mg per kilogram of body weight for people who eat them.

Suppose you are a man or a woman who has a body weight of 50 kg, the size of a normal or reasonable limit consumption of MSG flavor that suggested no more than 6 grams per day, that is measured in the size of a teaspoon, then the amount is less than 2 teaspoons.

This parable for adults, because of UN agencies in health care of the WHO recommends that infants under 3 months of age should not use flavorings or MSG in the food.

That is the measure of reasonable and normal use flavorings or MSG in cooking, because it make the size as your guide when cooking or eating foods that contain MSG.

In our country too, many outstanding food and beverage packaging products that are free of MSG. However, is it true that the food is indeed completely free of MSG. For that, there is an easy way to identify foods that contain MSG, such as:

• Check the label, if there is a sentence autolyzed yeast protein hydrolysed so that means the product contains MSG but uses other designations.

• In addition, see also the label, is there any word of sodium caseinate, it is the same question that means the product contains MSG.

• In addition to the two words above, also found on the label probably is no word acid hydrolyzed or amino acids. The two words are commonly used as an alias of the products contained MSG in food.

Monosodium Glutamate is a flavor enhancer that is made by processing sugar cane molasses, which is processed in such a way that it resembles a grain of salt, there are some subtle like flour.

Consume is harmless, which makes it dangerous is its usage that exceeds the size of the irregularities and the provisions of the guidelines specified. Therefore careful use of excessive flavor that you still feel the pleasure of food is seasoned with flavor without any adverse effects on health.

Especially if you use MSG in so many levels, such as 12 grams per day can cause health problems such as:

• Stomach Disorders
• Nausea nausea
• Sleep Disorders
• Allergic reactions
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Asthma
• Decrease in intelligence
• Paralysis

Therefore, careful use of excessive flavor if you do not want the disease to disease.