Cell Phone Radiation Is it true? Health bother?

The radiation of electromagnetic waves on a cell phone is now often used as an excuse as the cause of cancer. But always appears to counter the problem because in fact the use of the phone remains safe until now.

For most people, cell phones have become an important part of our lives. From day to day increasing its kind with the ability also increased. Many mobile phone service companies recently using the 1,800 MHz frequency, the frequency is much higher than before that only 900 MHz. Many advantages are obtained by the use of high frequency, especially wave propagation. In addition, the frequency of 1,800 MHz channels are available as well as more. However, the state should have to be cautious early on.

Many mobile phone users are troubled by the issue of health threats caused by mobile phones. Examples of such issues are suspected of mobile phone radiation can cause brain tumors, but the results are not yet known with certainty until now. Other accusations are deemed phones can interfere with pacemakers machinery equipment and hearing aids.

The results prove the existence of the two causes of such cases. The first accused is the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Energy emissions from cell phones can indeed interfere with electronic equipment, such as pacemakers and hearing aids. Second, the interference comes from the electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which is thought to cause cancer. Research conducted at the University of Washington, in 1996 found that EMR in the form of microwave energy is low (such as mobile phones generated) can damage the DNA structure.

Indeed, the impact of the waves arising from mobile phone use is still being debated to this day. Debate the case? Ongoing and response experts successive sometimes makes us confused. According to the World Health Organization, WHO, the effects of electromagnetic waves from cell phones is not dangerous as long as they emit small. However, how small beam size, it was not clear until now. At least we should be vigilant to address such cases.