Child Feeding activity

To educate your child, do not necessarily have to use a special guidebook or sophisticated equipment. Many activities that seem trivial, but it had a major influence in improving the child’s thinking skills. Among them:

To improve the ability of the child to know the color and shape:

When shopping, have your child pick vegetables / fruits / items based on color
Fill free time with the game looking for objects based on shape.
To improve the ability of the child to know the numbers
Ask the child to do activities based on numbers. For example, take two apples
Sing songs that had to do with numbers. For example, the one I love you, two-two, etc.
To improve the child’s ability to remember:

Guessing the picture in the magazine
Looking for things around the house. For example, where the clock?
To improve the ability of a child’s attention span:

Coloring picture or drawing.
You should know that storytelling is an activity that also can do you and your child to improve listening skills, attention span and even sharpen the imagination and emotional intelligence.
Making your child communicates friends also an activity that was instrumental in expanding horizons and increasing concern for the environment.