Choosing Make Up As Skin Color

Mistakes in Make Up Face
Have you ever felt that the skin of the face and hands are very much different after make-up? This means that there is something wrong in your face. It would be better, if you choose the make up according to skin color.

It is impossible for those who have dark skin colors tend to then force myself to use a foundation that is very white. This will cause a color that contrasts with the color of your skin of the hands and feet.

Therefore, the makeup wajahpun should still pay attention to the original color. When things like this have been ignored then be prepared to be the talk of women friends and even your male friends.

Make up according to skin color could avoid excess impression on your face. If you want to follow some of the tips that will be presented will help you to perform optimally.

Make up Tips Using appropriate Skin Color
Actually, do not need much to look beautiful. Simply apply make up according to skin color and maximize the existing it will be an attraction for your tersenderi.

Basically, the skin color of women native to Indonesia are generally divided into olive, tan, and brown.

If anyone has a white color like Caucasian people in the family may have albino offspring. The following are tips that can be done by a woman who has a certain color.

For women who have brown skin color have to consider what type of make-up according to skin tone. Choose a foundation or powder that is not much different from the original color to the skin.

We have had a lot of products that offer foundation and powder with a wide selection of colors. So, choose the color of foundation and powder in accordance with the original color can eliminate excessive contrast impression of the face. In the selection of any attempt to use the blush that is refreshing.

One of them is caramelized. If you want to wear eye shadow, besides adjusted costume you wear, you can also use the color brown and orange.

As for the lipstick can choose the color that tends to freshen the color pink. For women who have brown skin color foundation to avoid mixing the colors tend to be younger.

For eye shadow itself could use light colors tend to like blue or gray. Meanwhile, to add interest to your lips to keep enchanting can use lip gloss.

Using make up according to skin color is also highly recommended for those who have olive skin tone. However, this skin color tend to be easier to meriasnya.

Without any make-up can actually look pretty. However, to maximize can use powder foundation or younger. Selection of blush can use the color pink. So that could be maximized when using lipstick with matching color yand anyway.