Dangers of Camphor In Baby CNS

Fragrance substances containing chemical substances pose a risk to health, if used in excess or by direct contact through the respiratory system. Especially for those whose gentleness in vulnerable conditions, such as pregnant women, infants, children, or people who are very sensitive to fragrance substances.

Disorders that directly evoked such as dizziness, nausea, asthma sufferers to muntah.Bagi, pungent fragrances can also cause asthma attacks. Use in the long term is not good for health, although everyone has their own threshold, if the threshold is exceeded, it can damage organs, for example, can cause cancer.

For handling his closet or room of smell is usually used fragrances like camphor (mothballs). Besides being able to eliminate the musty smell of the clothes are not dry, camphor also able to repel moths.

To watch, cause according to the WHO study, in case of direct contact between the substance mothballs (naphthalene) with baby percutaneously (through the skin absorption) and often in excess, it can increase levels of bilirubin in the blood and will interfere with the central nervous system.

Shapes and attractive colors camphor will usually favored children, even children get interested in eating it.

Solutions to address odor or musty smell at home is looking for the source, for example, smelly clothes because clothes have been dried and stored cupboard. Or, mopping the wrong way, because after a mop instead of scent but instead smell . This is because the water is used for sticking not dry completely, giving rise to the smell, you should use a dry cloth to dry the water used to mop up.

Usually camphor is also used in the bathroom as it is the most smelly room amongst other rooms. Important to note that the ideal bathroom should have air vents so no air exchange, and no longer need to use camphor when hygiene is maintained and change air circulation, if still camphor should be forced to use only as needed, it is important to note also limit expiration. Because, if it is expired was ??can poison the body.