Depression? streets …

You may believe, may well not. With the streets 30 minutes, was able to overcome mild depression for an hour. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Texas, Austin.
Most people with mild depression feel more refreshed and calmer for more than an hour after their exercise walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes. They feel that the blood pressure and negative feelings or distress suffered decline.

Previous research has stated that regular exercise can help a person free from depression, especially if followed by counseling and medical treatment. Other research also supports that active exercise does have a good effect to overcome depression.

The study, conducted by researchers at Texas University, Austin involving 40 people aged 18 to 55 years. Those diagnosed with depression and have never been treated with antidepressant medications or exercise routine before. A total of 20 patients were required to undergo training for 30 minutes, while the rest are welcome to sit quietly at the same time. Their body condition was analyzed five minutes before being given treatment as well as 30 and 60 minutes afterward.

Activity streets by 20 people it affect boost their morale back. However, the effect is only short term because their bodies back to the initial conditions about an hour later. Maybe for people who are severely depressed, it does not give any meaning. But for those who experience mild depression, exercise is expected to decrease feelings of isolation or exclusion from the social environment during this time so as to boost their morale back.

The results also showed that the actually have the same effects as the influence of cigarette consumption, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages. However, exercise is an activity which is relatively cheaper and healthier than the consumption of such products that are suspected to cause other side effects.