Diets that are Worth Avoiding

Many people are willing to try a variety of methods of diet in the hope of getting a slim body shape ideal. The problem is, not all weight loss methods offered safe. Instead of healthy, body precisely malnutrition, even kidneys become damaged.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (association of family doctors in the U.S.), people should avoid dieting method with the following characteristics:

Promising fast weight loss, such as lost 3-4 pounds per week.
Despite promises weight loss without reducing fatty foods.
Diet method that uses photos “before and after” that showed dramatic weight loss.
Diet methods that include testimonials from people who’ve tried or person claiming to be “experts”.
Diet is only limited to certain foods, instead of pushing to a healthy balanced diet.
Recommend that you spend a lot of money to buy pills supplements, seminars or buy ready to eat food from a particular company.
Methods that claim to cure or mitigate various types of diseases.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the true weight loss is done in the long run, making changes to be more healthy diet, physical activity and want. Weight loss surgery is only recommended to those who are obese and have failed in ways that are recommended.