Different strategies in making your bearded dragon loves vegetables

When it comes to sources of vitamins and minerals, vegetables are most effective. Just like you, your bearded dragon needs vitamins and minerals. Although this is not their staple food, it is highly recommended by veterinarians, they provide your pet. Beardies do not really like vegetables, but patience and training will adapt and learn to eat. Encourage your pet regularly and you will soon see the fruits of your labor.

There are several techniques that you can use for you to be able to encourage your pet to eat vegetables.

You can hang the vegetables on the tank and let your pet, they go.
Use a dish to see green place just for your pet.
Mix vegetables in cooking. This will certainly bring eat green vegetables because they are mixed with grills.
Do this for a few days and see the difference in your bearded dragon. The aim of these techniques is that you attract the attention of your pet. If you prepare your food attractive, they will certainly have a bite. One way to capture the greens your pet is in sight with water curtain. Remember to help your pet adapt to this change.

Compared to adult dragons to feed baby beardies difficult. Fog again, the greens and make sure to mix it with crickets and properly and carefully placed on his plate. Make sure the bowl is visible to the eye of your pet. Remember, your pet well in his early protein diet can not be expected that it will eat what you have prepared. One trick is to reduce food movement as wax worms, mealworms and crickets. While eating your pet, green fall over. Try this method and your pet will catch the vegetables covered. If they think that vegetables are edible, they will begin to eat.

Be useful if you find it difficult to find vegetables to feed your beardie. Another tip would be to move food like crickets and mealworms to give small pieces of vegetables to eat. The nutrients in vegetables in the food movement that you give your pet. Therefore, you will be able to provide the necessary nutrients to your dragon. This technique is effective in both loading.

It has always been emphasized at every meal, whether in humans or animals, vegetables are good sources of nutrients. Their goal is to train your bearded dragon eating the vegetables begin to achieve optimal health and well-being. Note that the above techniques should be done every day. Bearded dragons love training vegetables is not so difficult as long as you know how to set up and get them to eat. It is natural to experience the slow progress in feeding your pet in the first weeks. This is not a reason to worry as this is normal. Combine these techniques with patience and determination. You will find that all your efforts will be worth it, and! By the time you know it, your pet chews his heart on vegetables