Discover the charm of Chiang Rai

Want to stay in a city where cultural diversity? A city that is on a variety of events and colorful festivals? Then Chiang Rai is the city to be. It is the northernmost province of Thailand, where people have their own way of celebrating the festivals and events that illustrate the rich Thai culture.
Chiang Rai has many renowned festivals such as Songkran. Traditional Thai New Year, which is celebrated with much enthusiasm and show beauty contest, races and traditions place. Lychee Fair in mid-May is another famous case, Chiang Rai. King Meng Rai Festival in January celebrated the installation Lanna Kingdom. The festival. Colorful parades and stalls animated
The Mexican Sunflower Festival in November, shows the fields of sunflowers most beautiful and spectacular. They are accompanied by numerous performances tribal competitions and tasting tea. The Flower Festival is an exciting event, which has large flower processions and floral decoration.
There are many exhibitions. Annually selling everything from pottery, clay products, herbs, wood and perfumes Some of the most beautiful handicrafts are produced in Asia here. The ethnic composition of hill tribe jewelery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings are also available. The paper mulberry called “saa is a product of folk wisdom, used to fans and parasols to do. Handle is made of bamboo with rays.
Activities, adventures aesthetic and practical
There are many exciting activities available such as balloon fights, bamboo rafting elephant safaris, bungee jumping and many trips to amusement parks, national parks and turtle farms. Among the various activities, hiking is a sport made famous here. There are many fans who want to visit hiking in the nearby jungle and valleys. Bird watching is another activity.
There are many spas that professional massage, relaxation and healing strategies for the provision of health care. Many meditation and yoga centers are also interested to teach people put various relaxation techniques. These health care facilities in deep thought and concentration. Many hotels offer spa facilities for residents to these services near their hotel themselves can prevail.
Chiang Rai is a must stop in Thailand and is a place to visit if you want to experience the unique festivals and great Thai. The rich heritage of an exotic place, Chiang Rai offer tourists the best accommodation and the opportunity to be part of the celebration.