“Douching”, Secure not ya?

According to health experts, women do not have as much as possible to clean the vaginal douche, because douching was able to make the pH in the vagina becomes unbalanced, especially if douching is often done. PH imbalance will cause commensal bacteria to die so that the bacteria from the vagina can be stricken out. If that happens it will cause the infection to spread over the organ again and cause infection in the pelvic cavity. Circumstances that may cause women to experience pain just before menstruation and may also have trouble getting pregnant.

An American study proved that a woman who douche regularly are more likely affected by health problems than women who do not routinely do so. The health problems including vaginal irritation or infection called Bacterial Vaginosis or BV. While infection of the pelvic cavity is usually known as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID is an infection itself on the inside of the female reproductive organs caused by bacteria that spread from the vagina and cervix to reach the uterus and ovaries can. If no examination, PID can cause infertility and so can not get pregnant. Both BV and PID can lead to more serious problems during pregnancy, such as infection in the baby and miscarriage.

What is the influence of “douche” in pregnancy?

Douche after sexual activity can not prevent pregnancy. However, some research shows that douching has an effect on a woman’s ability to conceive. From the studies it appears that some of the women who frequent douching, ie more than once a week turned out to have low pregnancy rates.

How healthy and safe way to clean the vagina?

Because the pH balance in the vagina is very sensitive, it is better to let the vagina clean itself by washing the outside of the vagina using warm water and soap that does not contain fragrance. Products such as soap healthy women, powder, perfume and even not always good to clean the vagina, even it can be dangerous. If something happens with our vagina, such as pain, itching, sores, bad odor, pain when urinating, or abnormal vaginal discharge, consult your nearest doctor. Get used to consult with your doctor first before we clean our vagina.