Dragon Age: Atmospheric Give New Inquisition

A blog post from the official Bioware has confirmed the news about the third sequel workmanship of their RPG, Dragon Age.

Titel is pinned to this sequel is the Inquisition or simply be translated into Indonesian to ‘investigation’.

Similarly, some of the information released by Mark Darrah, a programmer Bioware uploaded on his blog on Monday.

Before giving some information, he introduced himself as an employee of Bioware over 15 years of experience working on some game titles that have long circulated as Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire, to Neverwinter’s Night.

“I am proud to report that we are working on the next Dragon Age game. We already work on over the last two years,” Mark said in his blog.

Unfortunately, he did not reveal much additional information, such as pictures or something. Mark just give a few pointers as title Inquisition for the third sequel, and it’s expected not associated with the two previous sequels.

The team working on this sequel to the third consists of a figure that has been experienced since the first series, Dragon Age: Origins, as well as some new names.

The last point of their information from Mark is working on a new game engine to present the wider world, visual more beautiful, more responsive to the decisions taken by the player, and more freedom to change other aspects.

As a basis for the engine, Bioware team uses Frostbite 2.0 engine that was released in 2011 and has been used for games like Battlefield 3 that utilizes the ability of DirectX 11 and 64 bit processors.

At the end of the blog post, Mark invited fans to provide feedback while ensuring that the Bioware team works hard to meet the expectations of the players. The blog posts there are two versions of the languages ​​English and French.


Dragon Age is a game released by Bioware RPG genre, the first series in 2009 and produced a very positive response. One of the much touted is an adult story and not a cliche.

Players are always faced with a wide selection of the all gray, ready with the consequences that await in the future. In addition to content downloads such as Warden’s Keep, Return to Ostagar, and The Golems of Amgarrak, there is also the expansion of Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, which adds to the game clock.

However, the two series to actually make the most disappointed players. Dirilisa in 2011, looks as if preparing Bioware game that can be played on PC or console.

Although the story is still relevant, its gameplay just different. Compared to the first sequel, the battle in Dragon Age II feels quicker and less use strategies. The game also feels linear because it can only replace equipment the main character while other characters can not.

In terms of graphics, Dragon Age 2, disappointing many fans as it seemed lazy. Once inside the Dungeon, they will find the same place continuously recycled. Enemies who suddenly came out of nowhere to make the game feel much worse than in the first series.

The story of Dragon Age 2 also were deemed disappointing. The story of the Grey Warden, elected knight, which became the backbone of Dragon Age: Origins, just a complement in the second series. The story is not as epic sequel to the first that made a lot of people disappointed.

One of the most memorable scenes in this game is the battle at Ostagar in the first series, and it was not found in the second series.

Mark explained that they listen to all complaints and feedback from the fans. Discussion forum on the internet still followed by Bioware staff to get input.

With this blog post, Dragon Age fans can expect a sequel to three will treat their disappointment.