Easy Ways to Eliminate Acne on Backs

Acne is not just on the face but acne can affect other parts of the body such as the back. When acne on the back attack best move is to clear acne on the back are a variety of ways. Sometimes many people feel uncomfortable and anxious to get rid of acne that is on their backs so that any cost will be issued to existing acne on his back quickly disappear. Beauty clinic and salon is the ultimate goal for those who have acne problems at the back.
Actually you do not have to go to a salon or beauty clinic with a high cost to get rid of acne on your back. Acne on back usually arise because the pores are clogged due to overuse or tight clothing, so hard to sweat out and cause excessive bacterial proliferation. Many natural ingredients that you can try to get rid of acne. The natural ingredients such as egg whites and cucumbers. Egg whites able to lift dead skin cells while powerful cucumber to remove the black stain skin. Both materials can be used as a body scrub by mixing them together.
How to make cucumber and egg white scrub to get rid of acne on your back is to blend the two materials to be juice. After the two materials into juice, you can mix the juice apply on his back and let up to 15 minutes. After 15 minutes wash your back with clean water. You can use cucumber and egg white scrub two to three times a week. Besides the two materials, there are also olive oil is believed to remove acne scars and acne completely.
Pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil on cotton half wet, and dab on acne on your back evenly. Let stand for 10 minutes and then wipe with a dry cloth to clean the rest of the oil that is still attached to the back. In addition to eliminating acne, olive oil is also able to reduce the itching due to acne. If the acne is gone, continue treatment on his back to remove the black spots acne scars using cucumber juice and egg white or olive oil.