Encourage Women Stay Healthy While Working

What’s Up with puberty? Women are not always separated from work, from work to take care of household activities outside the household, as well as earning a living.

Work does take quite a lot, requiring thought and feeling, also the threat of disease due to poor working environment and also contain a hazard or chemical poisoning, above all engaged in the industrial sector.

In the home environment many health problems arise due to poor environmental conditions. Therefore, women need to understand the importance of maintaining good health at work so as not to cause health problems. Tips for women to stay healthy and fit while working is as follows:

Do not forget breakfast in the morning before work and little food or fruit consumption in the rest of time.
Take care not late for lunch or dinner. Eat nutritious foods and balanced because adequate nutrition is a source of power.
Stance and body position at work is affecting our ability to complete a job. Do not sit, stand, bend or squat continuously. It is not good for health. When sitting, keep your spine is not curved so that the chest is not doubled. Use the most appropriate seat height with a work desk. When working long, use a chair with a backrest and arm. Try to stand back and do not be rigid. occasional leg and a short walk.
For women who do work at home, to consider the harmonization of tools, means and ability to work. Therefore, it can be applied appropriate technology that can save time and effort and improve work efficiency and can lead to comfort in work. If lifting the goods, should not exceed the capacity. between right and left hands to carry it.
Keep your personal and your work environment and try not to spread the disease.
Wear equipment such as masks, gloves, headgear if you are working in the industrial sector to prevent accidents and chemical poisoning.
If unwell at work, immediately contact your nearest clinic or doctor that your disease worse.
Work continuously without a break than tiring, stress can also cause disruption. For that, try a short break at work. You can relax, chat leisurely, walk out to breathe fresh air, enjoy the music, watching TV and so on.
Keep the peace and peaceful atmosphere in the workplace so that you can concentrate and calm in the works.
Do a little exercise to keep the body fit.
Use sick leave entitlements, menstruation leave, maternity leave, breastfeeding rights and other rights for women workers. If you implement healthy behaviors at work, then this will increase your work productivity.