Enjoyment Nintendo Wii U

But if all you need to enjoy the Wii U is already in the sales package? Apparently not. Nintendo has called Nintendo’s flagship game that can be played with the Land GamePad but there is also a game mode that requires the Wii Remote while Wii Remote not supplied in the sales package Wii U.

So exactly what is needed to enjoy the full Wii U? Quite a lot, because once you buy the Wii U (approximately four million dollars for the Premium version) you need to buy a variety of Wii accessories.

Wii Remote Plus

Remote Controller with forms such as air conditioning or TV remote controller is standard on the Nintendo Wii which was also required by some games Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo Land to be one game that requires the Wii Remote Plus and supports up to four players in a television plus one player in the GamePad.

Please note, the Wii Remote is required is the Wii Remote Wii Remote Plus is not unusual. So if you already have a regular Wii Remote will require additional accessory called the Wii Motion Plus, which cost about 300 thousand dollars. If you have not had a Wii Remote then you may be better simply buy Wii Remote Plus with built-in Motion Plus and sold about 300 thousand to 500 thousand dollars.

So if you want to play multiplayer format, one person using the gamepad and four other people using the Wii Remote Plus, then you need to pay two million dollars just for the controller.

Wii Sensor Bar

Wii sensor bar, a flattened body that feels cheap when held but very expensive, can be up to about 300 thousand dollars. This tool has become a Nintendo Wii package sales but not in the sales of the Wii U, then why the Wii U needs to Wii sensor bar though GamePad Wii U has been around the sensor bar?

Apparently the sensor bar in the Wii U GamePad for a while is not supported its use for games played on television, so you still need to use a separate sensor bar.

Disgust with the sensor bar prices are very expensive? If you want a little trouble can try making your own sensor bar using infra-red LED’s in any electronic spare parts shop because the sensor bar is actually just a series of infra-red LEDs mounted horizontally. Want more practical? You can replace the sensor bar with two lit candles are placed on the far left and right near the television.


Here it is the most expensive accessories in the Wii U. GamePad sold for 1.8 million dollars and one was given a package in the sales of the Wii U Basic or Premium.

Wii U supports the use of up to two GamePad so if you want to play multiplayer games with friends who share the same GamePad, you need to buy another one GamePad for about 1.8 million dollars.

So altogether you have to spend money to about 7 million dollars or even close to 10 million dollars in order to enjoy the Wii U to complete. But do not panic because most of the direct costs can be eliminated if you currently already have a Nintendo Wii.

Why? Since all Wii Accessories compatible with the Wii U. Besides the actual Wii U can still be enjoyed only by GamePad just because it is different with the Wii that bad its online multiplayer support, Wii U Nintendo Network has reportedly advanced features like Xbox Live multiplayer.

That is if you like the standard game Wii U, whereas if you crave interactive motion games like Just Dance on the Wii U, would not want to buy a Wii Remote Plus.