Essential Vitamins & Minerals in Pregnancy Trimester 1

First trimester or the first three months of pregnancy, a critical period in which mothers need proper nutrition. Once before, we discussed about Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin D, now we will discuss the essential vitamins and minerals in early pregnancy.

vitamin B12

Its function: Keeping the normal functioning of cells, particularly cells of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and bone marrow.
Recommended consumption: 2.2 micrograms
Found in: Results livestock and dairy, tempeh, tauco, soy sauce, and oncom.


DHA belongs to a class of unsaturated fatty acids that are essential long chain, meaning it can not be synthesized by the body so must be obtained from food intake.
Its function:

Help optimize brain growth
Assist the growth of the retina
Recommended consumption: 300 mg / day. Found on: Tuna, salmon, fish lemuru (the fish in the sea) and a special formula milk pregnant and lactating mothers.

Daily menu example pregnant women in the first trimester, namely:

Breakfast: fried rice complete and mango sorbet.

Morning interlude: croquet and a glass of milk.

Lunch / dinner: rice, fried chicken, sauteed mustard greens, out gejrot, guava passion fruit juice.

Afternoon interlude: shaved salad, a glass of milk.