Feeding birds in winter

Winter can be a time for ruthless bird populations in Britain. Search of suitable food and ensure that enough is stored and used to survive in winter is the biggest test for the birds.

Birds need a layer of fat to survive in the winter months. Often, the food and the food we have in our gardens the difference between life and death for many of these birds, such as natural foods are scarce. Winter ice and snow can also be an obstacle for birds is when food sources are often covered long.

In winter, birds are more likely to visit our gardens in search of food. People can massively improve survival of this bird eating.

What foods?

Most birds that remain in the area during the winter are species that feed primarily on seeds. Species such as the black bird is most often feed on insects and worms typically migrate to warmer climates, because the ground is soft and the food source are more accessible. In winter, it is best to treat a wide range of private investors offer a variety of different birds to attract.

Small birds such as wrens and blue tits are particularly vulnerable in winter and the extra energy is needed to stay warm. Sunflower seeds and peanuts are full of energy, and to provide a source of fat, which is perfect for birds of this kind.

Peanuts are a rich source of fat, and are particularly popular with tits, sparrows and siskins. Milled or ground peanuts are readily available in stores and provide excellent food for robins. Sunflower seeds are a good choice for your investors seeds, and for many species, they are the natural food source. The high content of oil in sunflower seeds as a source of black winter excellent cuisine. Nyjer initial investors also popular with bird feeding. Like other seed bird feeders, they have a high oil content, they are very small thus making them popular with siskins and Stieglitz.

Mixed seeds are also a popular choice. Mixtures often contain seeds, corn and nuts. Small power generally attract small birds like robins and sparrows. Add the crushed seeds food is often a better choice because the greater power chunked alienate smaller species. However, birds such as pigeons. Largest consumer food such as whole nuts, dry rice and oatmeal

Fatty foods in winter

Although many of these wild birds will mainly seedeaters and offers a bold alternative foods can be a nutritious alternative. Birds rely on fat reserves of the body to get them through the winter. Fatty foods such as fat balls are an excellent source of energy.

Alternatively, you can create your own dietary fat. Combing through things such as tallow or lard, cheese and fruits with carbohydrates like rice, pasta and potatoes, however, there are limits to what you can to feed the birds, never feed a bird with butter fat and poly-unsaturated fat and meat, as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can be a problem for bird feathers. Fat balls are a better option and provide a source of high energy food that can quickly replenish the fat bird. Mealworms feeding dry seeds can also be added to provide all relevant data of fat.

Other Considerations

Birdbaths vital water supply and can be used both for drinking and bathing water. Winter conditions can sometimes cause the gel to the Sun birdbaths objects such as branches and tennis balls can be added to prevent this. Antifreeze should always be avoided because they will toxic to birds. Warm water can change daily.

To recover the energy lost from the previous night reconstruct trend thing in the morning birds to feed. Therefore proposed food preparation the day before. Other fruits such as apples and pears are a great addition. Note however that the installation of food for birds, since they may attract rodents. Bird feeders provide excellent protection against rodents and can be greatly acquire.

Feeding birds is recommended throughout the year, but provides food for the winter months particularly important. Fatty foods are best for the winter, as fat reserves a bird is very important to maintain a healthy body temperature and enough energy when food is scarce.