Fend off attacks ‘Vampire’ Emotions in the Office

Ever feel tired even just dealing with someone in the office? Or dizziness after talking with the boss? It may be that you are being attacked by a vampire emotions. Emotional vampire blood-sucking vampire is not often we watch on television. Vampire one is someone who can suck our emotions while passing glance of the eye.

That we are not affected emotionally, Rachel G. Baldino, MSW, LCSW, author of How to Beware of Emotional Vampires’ Intent on Draining You of All Your Precious Emotional Strength advised to react more rationally. “Remind yourself always constantly that their behavior is very unpleasant it is their problem, not your problem,” he said.

Besides reminding ourselves constantly, there are also a few other strategies that can be used to overcome it. The strategy is as follows,

Get to know them

How to anticipate the vampire attack is to figure out the actions they have done in the past, because it is likely to be repeated again in the future. Get to know them more deeply through a more senior colleague and trustworthy.

Find information

Emotional vampires you just want to listen to them. To dominate you, they will try to isolate you from other information sources. Therefore, try to always look for information through a trusted friend about what you should do when dealing with it.

Doing what they do not

Your greatest strength to subdue emotional vampires exist in things that can not be done by the vampires, but you can. Dig what potential you have. This is at once can prove your ability.

Notice of action, not words

What the vampire emotions are often very different from what they are doing. So that your emotions do not siphoned off by it, always focus on what they do rather than the words.

Be wary of hypnosis

Emotional vampires have great expertise in hypnotize someone. Affects your attitude and words are one of her specialties. As anticipated, be reasonable and do not be too happy if he praises you.

Choose your words carefully

When you establish cooperation with emotional vampires, what you say, and how and when you say it is important to determine the response you will get. So, be careful on the words you want to express.

Ignore anger

When vampires are not getting the desired emotions, they will issue a rage. All forms of emotional outrage that aims to make you give in to her wishes. So keep upbeat and never give up!

Know your limits

Mingling with emotional vampires drain a lot of energy. Sometimes, you are better off or not involved from the beginning, rather than overwhelmed by the wayside. But all of it, only you can decide.

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