Food That Makes Skin Smooth

To get a smooth and healthy skin is actually no need to spend a lot of money to go to a beauty salon or clinic. DID YOU KNOW if only by consuming healthy foods we can get a smooth and beautiful skin? The food is very necessary for our body as energy and also meet the needs of vitamins and other substances. Selecting a balanced diet is essential for health intact. The good news is that if you eat a healthy, balanced diet will certainly rewarded skin is smooth and beautiful. To help you how to get smooth skin, a lot of ways you can do.
One way to get a smooth and beautiful skin like with exercise and consumption of healthy foods. Healthy food can be vegetables, fruits and some side dishes that can make the skin smooth and beautiful. Such as eating salmon that contains nutrients to trigger the production of collagen, keratin and melanin in the body, so it is good for the body and for the skin. The content of Omega 3 contained in salmon works to prevent and eliminate facial wrinkles, so it would not hurt if you add the salmon into the daily diet.
In addition to salmon, you can also add honey as an ingredient to make skin smooth and charming. Honey is believed to be a nurse beauty and antioxidants in honey can improve the beauty of the skin, softens and the ageless addition to soften the skin turns honey lips can also soften, moisturize and prevent chapped lips, as well as to get rid of acne, blemishes and dark spots face and prevent wrinkles.
If you have a complaint skin wrinkles, you can add the carrot diet into your everyday. In addition you can also add the carrots spinach skin to wrinkle slightly reduced. All of these foods can be eaten any time and any day without any side effects. Although eating fruits and vegetables as above, but do not forget exercise and drink water at least 8 glasses a day. Water is very necessary for the body and the skin so that the skin smooth and not easily wrinkled. Skin that less water will dry and unsightly.