Football Manager 2013 Delivers New Features

After the success of Football Manager 2012, developer Sports Interactive has now launched by Sega Football Manager 2013 spawn back by offering the latest features as compared to the 2012 edition.

This is confirmed by the statement of the Studio Director and Football Manager, Miles Jacobson during a press conference stating that FM 2013 has some differences from the FM ago, including Network Game, Scouting and Traning. And it is rumored that the game will appear in late October or early November. So what are the new features promised by the game to the fans? Here’s his review.

New Game Mode

In the last game, FM 2012 only has two basic modes of the game, namely its own Football Manager and Football Manager Network Game. So on Football Manager 2013, you will find significant changes compared to the last edition. At FM 2013 is the players will be presented with the Football Manager and Football Manager Classic Challenge.

Classic Football Manager is essentially a game that does not take a lot of time in the game. Includes time-saving features which you will not find individual player training there is only full squad training, there was no talk among the team or reports.

Football Manager Classic will feature some unlockable features to make the game a little easier to play. Features mentioned so far is the ability to add a few million pounds to your transfer budget and eliminate the need to secure a work permit for a specific player.

While Football Manager Challenge Mode is a version of the game where you have a set time period which is usually half of the season in which to test your management skills. This is a popular feature adaptation of the game Football Manager 2012 last year.

Upgraded to 3D Mode

Football Manager developer said that FM 2013 will support 3D. This is consistent with the promise that has been asked by the developers promise a good view of the past since 2007.

FM Developer himself adds that everything in the field will look more realistic with significant improvements made by way of the players on the field and moving balls flying in the air. Even the stadium would be made more realistic. FM 2013 is said to have 100 new animations, and very supportive to make the game more realistic, as well as a new camera angle for a match.

New Staff

In addition to reshuffle the display, there is also a role in the overhaul of the staff and FM 2013. For the first time in the history of the game of football director introduced, players can use a director of football to keep certain aspects of their game. Things like negotiating player contracts and staff can be played by the players. However, this feature does not always have to come in every game, you can disable this feature if you want to.

A New Game Network

FM 2013 has now fully integrated on Steam. This may be considered a nuisance to the players of Football Manager a long time, such as the integration of Steam in the last game which was also not well received. However, the idea behind the use of Steam and Football Manager simultaneously is to improve the network game, and this feature in FM 2013 says the easiest to set up and playing game is up-to-date. Steam also will offer world-wide leader board will show the scores of the other players around the world and look at your abilities.

Loans, and Tax Talent

Changes were also made to the way loan offer made and changes in the talent search that can be used at this time. One interesting feature that can be used is a new focus on individual country tax rates. The salaries of the players at this time will be considered what percentage of the wages to be taxed by a state when the player is moving to a new club.


Database of Football Manager also now been added, is now made up of more than 500,000 players and staff with 51 leagues from around the world to play. Other changes contained in this is the presence of FM 2013 version of Premiere League Elite Player (EPPP), which is the league to develop young talent.