Free Sex Is Not Free …

Free sex or sex is one bogey in today’s modern lifestyle. Even the traditional values ​​and customs also can not be considered anymore. Why sex is pretty much in demand?

After all this time into something illicit sex, now almost everything in our lives always smelled of sex. Human desire for freedom or expression acted through free sex behavior. Many religious leaders are advising the public that we are not affected by free sex because it is a foreign culture that does not fit with our cultural values. A result that can be caused by free sex can be pregnant out of wedlock and the transmission of venereal disease.

Research in the U.S. against the students who do premarital sex shows 83% the first time they have sex are no planned or just happened. It was pointed out that the sexual urge is so strong that occurs without conscious person can give up even though they were aware of the possible consequences thereof. If we do not want premarital sex, the best way is to avoid any situation or action that allow sexual intercourse.

Many people assume that sex can get closer to each other and improve relationships. However, it turns out it makes sex couple loses chance to improve communication skills and emotional closeness. Sex makes people so bound and loss of freedom from sex is only possible with a high commitment to unite themselves for life. Couples who have sex before marriage will face a dilemma when it comes to making decisions to sustain the relationship. Even if the termination occurs later, the wounds and trauma that will be left pretty deep in a person.

The results also showed that those who often have sex before marriage tend to do when life marital affair with a permanent life partner. It also strengthened the research that the level of satisfaction with sex life, married couples do not have sex before marriage are much higher than those who did.