Handycam HDR-XR260VE, Evidence seriousness Sony

Sony has been known as one of the technologies that will continuously build the greatest technology. This time, the Japanese company decided to continue to develop products of his camcorder, the Sony Handycam HDR-XR260VE.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the latest Sony products, see the exposition organized by Kristian Tjahjono from Yahoo! below.


Sony Handycam HDR-XR260VE has a relatively large body, but very snugly in the hand. A number of navigation buttons around the body attached to the placement of buttons are easy to reach. At the top of the available zoom button, the shutter button to take a photo, the mode dial to switch from video to photo mode and is available on the back button to start the video recording.

Its swivel screen comes in sizes 3 inches and are equipped with touch screen technology. Thanks to the touch screen variety and selection of menu settings can be done more easily without having to be bothered with navigation utilizing physical buttons.

Port connectivity it has also quite complete. You can find an HDMI port, audio port, DC-in, A / VR, and has been fitted with a USB cable directly to hide in the grip strap. While at the bottom, there is a memory card slot which is quite useful to increase the capacity of internal storage space which is already quite large 160 GB.


Sony Handycam HDR-XR260VE has several features that make it better than its competitors in its class. First the ability to zoom the lens. Handycam is capable of 30x optical zoom and 55X extended zoom. Second is the optical Steady Shot with Active Mode. This is according to our merits.

This feature comes with technology brings 3-Way Shake canceling, allowing captured video remains smooth even when the user is running or at the maximum zoom position. From start to zoom up to the maximum zoom position, HDR-XR260VE can produce blur-free footage due to the movement of the hand. Another useful feature is the availability of the GPS module is quite useful to help you provide information where capture video and photos.


To produce the video, the Sony Handycam HDR-XR260VE rely Sony G lens with support flagship Sony BIONZ processor to deliver a more responsive performance. Just like the latest models pocket camera that comes with a larger sensor size, on paper it would be better performance in low-light conditions.

In the following video, the condition of the room was quite dark with the lighting colors. And apparently Sony Handycam HDR-XR260VE able to conquer it with good lighting conditions. As shown in the 1080p version, the video stays sharp with the color and exposure accuracy are maintained despite many light effects recorded in it. The results are also quite good voice recording with stereo sound results clearly audible.

In addition to taking video, the Sony Handycam HDR-XR260VE can also be used to take photos with a maximum resolution of 8.9 MP. Although the picture is quite normal and is dependent lighting conditions, the resulting color is quite accurate. Coupled with support for Pixel Super Resolution technology it has, you are still able to produce images with the zoom position is maintained sharp results. The picture can be seen here.

Its compact size, the ability to record video in Full HD format and a myriad of features that it has enough to make it worth to buy a camcorder.