Help with End Race glory specific legislation

Many of you have probably read stories about “pit bulls” that attack children and help them known to kill dogs. You’re probably as a law that supports these “races” to a total ban.

Instead of jumping on the “kill the dog” train, why not learn about the breed specific legislation and what it really means.

I can assure you it is much more than the death of a dog biting a child.

If your eyes have been opened by reading the other side of the problem, and you are interested in the fight against BSL, please read my article entitled “Race Legislation specific end now!”

This article you are reading contains a sample letter that you can send to celebrities to participate.

Whether you love them or hate them, does not matter. You can influence, and perhaps instead of tweeter pictures of him falling on nightclubs, talk where you eat breakfast, or how costs handbag new, they were able to educate their followers something important.

No hate mail for this comment, please, as I have also done deliberately by the many acts of kindness incredible large people.

Here is the letter, and do not hesitate to make changes. This is just something to get you started.

Letter to celebrities

As a celebrity, you have fame and a suite., And with that comes a certain influence his fans can not wait to read the next piece of news for you, or see the latest sports trends.

Many high profile people are nice enough to support important issues, because they know that the spokesman, they have the opportunity to gain the attention they deserve to problems and make a difference.

A problem that is often overlooked is animal cruelty.

Animal lovers who struggle to alleviate the suffering of animals are often given very unflattering labels. They are crazy and weirdos, compassion for people considered missing.

The same feelings of a celebrity is not questioned, but respected.

It is for these reasons, I ask you to support my campaign to put an end to breed specific legislation (BSL).

For simplicity, BSL is dogs that seem to discriminate in some way. The fact that they have done nothing wrong, makes no difference. You can be forcibly removed from their families, kept in isolation in animal control facilities or destroyed.

Each story is an incident with a “pitbull” played by the media and the public was whipped into a frenzy as they call for the destruction of any of this kind and gentle animals.

Media glossed over or omits any mention of the conditions that the dog lived or the abuse he may have suffered in the hands of a cruel and sadistic owner.

What happened to common sense! Prohibit all races is ridiculous.

Comprehensive awareness campaign should be started, and people like you are exactly what. Movement end BSL must be in order to put an end to this madness once and for all

Some of the things you could do, this campaign will help: tweet and publish your followers to do the service of the public, you push your contacts with the media to report fairly, and political contacts to help repeal this unjust law .

I am grateful to you for your consideration, to end the campaign against discrimination dogs “Pit Bull” type.