How to Cook Healthy Meat

Many people do not know about the healthy way to cook meat. So when cooking, things that more attention is the delicious taste and savory aroma . When in fact there are other things that should take into consideration the impact on health.

Eating meat would not only want to feel the delicacy and flavor tasty, but also want to get the nutrition and health. If anyone does not want because of the foods, including meat, then get the disease. Related to this is the later to know and understand how healthy cooking meat is a necessity.

It must be recognized that cooking meat goat, cow, buffalo or taste better when cooked by fire. Cook shaped kebabs and steak tasted more tantalizing tastes and desire to eat. The aroma of meat and spices may be more pronounced when cooked that way. However, did you know that cooking the meat that way incompatible with a healthy way to cook meat. The impact is not beneficial and healthy for your heart, especially if you are diabetic.

Based on the results of a study as expressed in Dailymail, Friday (26/10), it was shown that a healthy way to cook meat is boiled. This is tantamount to saying that cooking meat and fried by fire is less healthy.

As evidence that the healthy way to cook meat is boiled, not fried or baked are as expressed by scientists from the University of Illinois, USA. It is said that the methods and ways of cooking meat or crispy crust produced at very high heat will produce what is called the protein advanced glycation end products or AGEs. This type of protein that then form plaques in blood vessels. In the long term, it becomes hardened plaque that can raise the risk of heart attack. If it is so risk then I’m sure you would prefer a healthy way to cook meat.

Research to support this theory have been made to 65 people sampling in the space of 10 days. The researchers did a comparison of food intake of each sampling. From this comparison it was found that sampling with cardiovascular complications tend to consume a lot of products in their daily AGEs. It is evident that this research support the healthy way to cook meat.

Sampling each have 3.7 times higher likelihood of cardiovascular disease by one-time increase in the consumption of products containing AGEs. Protein AGEs will tend to accumulate in other tissues in our body, and the cause of the damage in the long term in people with diabetes.

The researchers further suggested to choose a healthier way of cooking meat with boiled or steamed. A healthy way to cook meat by boiling or steam can reduce the consumption of AGEs.

Keep in mind that heart disease and stroke is a major cause of death and disability in people with type 2 diabetes. The fact is that about 65 percent of people with diabetes die from both diseases. I really hope, we all prefer a healthy way to cook meat.