How To Take Care Batik Silk

How To Take Care Batik Silk-care Tips silk batik. There are a lot of people are asking about how to keep silk batik fabric be durable, not easily worn or worn, the colors remain bright and does not fade, and keep emit brightness when worn.

How to care so durable silk batik is something important. In addition to it the price is relatively expensive, silk batik cloth when kept in good condition it will reveal the beauty of the wearer and the garment itself when worn.

Batik fabrics with a variety of very important basic material treated and maintained in order to preserve the beauty of batik motif, color and material.

How To Take Care Batik Silk
If you are googling in Google it will find many tips and how to care for batik cloth batik silk and other fabrics. There are several tips and ways are given to care for and maintain collections of batik cloth you. Needed a different way to treat all batik fabrics. How to care and handling of batik cloth is very dependent on the type of materials used.

If you have a batik fabric made from silk will require extra careful treatment when compared with the type of wool or cotton cloth. Silk is very easily damaged because it has a smooth texture of the material. When you treat harshly or like excessive use of chemicals when washing it will be quickly broken. Special care and prudent in batik cloth made from silk has been started since the batik process. This needs to be done from the beginning because it is indeed more sensitive when compared to other batik cloth. So How To Take Care Batik Silk has been started since the batik made from silk fabric.

Beware: The Key of How To Take Care Batik Silk
It is advisable to pay attention to the washing process, and also storage ironing batik silk fabric so that the color and beauty of batik can be protected and maintained durability. Also highly recommended that you do not too much and excessive use detergent when washing batik cloth batik colors that do not fade.

One way How To Take Care Batik Silk you can take is the use of liquid to wash batik lerak . Lerak fluids can also help you to keep the appearance of batik. Silk batik clothes when you do not need to be washed and squeezed sufficiently aerated. This process is done to keep it from damage. Avoid drying your silk batik cloth directly under the sun in order not quickly dull and faded.

How To Take Care Batik Silk you can do next is on time ironing. If you want to iron the silk batik cloth, be sure to avoid direct contact between the fabric and tools ironing silk. For example, are you providing a filter paper between iron and silk fabric.

Tips given to you in How To Take Care Batik Silk is a really must pay attention not to place direct contact between the hot iron with silk batik cloth. If it is ironed and the desire to keep the silk batik cloth lay it in the closet that you’ve put in the anti moths, such as sandalwood. When forced to use camphor it should not be directly attached to the batik cloth so as not to damage too. You can also treat it by wrapping silk batik cloth you use plastic when hung in a closet to keep tidy.