I want to save my marriage – Bring Back the Excitement

As in any intimate relationship, complacency can set in. They are familiar, you hear well together and before you know it, you could feel the fire again decreases. It is a common fact of married life. I see you nodding your head and thinking. “Yes, we are, I want to save my marriage, before getting bored and lost its responsibility.” Good for you! Then you are at right place. Let’s see what you can do to rekindle the flame that brought you in the first place again.

So remember that your first appointment? Where was he? What did you do? What are you wearing? It was raining, cold, sunny, it was hot? What made the day special? Talk with your spouse. Reminiscing. Bring back the feelings you experienced that day. Finally led to this day to another and another and finally a proposal, right? Back in time. You’ll find that passion spark back into each other’s eyes. Oh, the butterflies to this day! Do you remember? Remove the pictures during your first meeting. Look at how you looked at each other! Oh, the love!

If you are a family with children, you know needs take precedence over themselves. That is how and when some of the passion is on the right track, without even realizing it. Remember, at the beginning you were separate individuals with the same interests as you have family in the first place. These interests have been a key factor in your hearts together and you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Do you remember? Do you remember? Well, that’s a start! Surprise your spouse with Day card Valentine’s Day in August Bring flowers home for no reason at all. Sneak up behind your partner to do for dinner or the laundry and kiss his / her neck. Sparks, hey, this translates into a passionate kiss (and maybe more). Remember the passion you once had together spontaneously!

Apart from one night something you hear is the date all the time. It can also become routine and boring. Instead, why? Not compiled a bucket list and start checking from these elements consecutively What were your dreams when you became a couple? Looking for a hot air balloon? Learn to kayak? Do you want to learn skiing? What are your dreams? Dreams come true. You are what you are looking forward to achieve. I’m not talking about becoming president of the company for which you work. Again, you left the corporate world and went dreaming? In business for themselves is What do you keep? Self-satisfaction, that’s what!

If you have even said: “I want to save my marriage,” the bull by the horns and rekindle the spark. Finally, the spark is not what you have done in the first place?