Iceland-Hopper Guide El Nido, Palawan

Staying in a resort in Palawan and wondering where to go from island to island in El Nido? Here’s a guide:

Cadlao island

With an area of 10.06 km ², it is the largest island in El Nido, and also near the city proper. Cadlao island is known for its white sandy beaches, as a point jar and Paradise Beach on the south coast and the beach of Sabang in the northeast. This is also where the climax, El Nido is measuring 640 m high.

Pinasil island

Earlier, the meeting place of the busyador – or a collector of birds’ nests – this island is known for a massive cave that is only accessible by kayak.

Matinloc island

Locals often said that island. The inspiration for Alex Garland’s novel “The Beach” and the movie of the same name and it is easy to see why. At the beginning of its breathtaking beauty, suggests that the only way the beach is aptly named as secret. Inaccessible by boat must, divers swim through a small crack in the rock to reach the water.

Dilumacad island

As helicopter island because of the shape of its limestone cliff is known, it has a range of 300 meters long white sand. It is a popular stop for travel from island to island.

Miniloc Iceland

In addition to being the site of one of the first resorts in El Nido, Palawan, it is also a dive site known for its limestone lagoons. Estimated that millions of years caves have collapsed, these lagoons – home to diverse marine species – especially lagoons, large and small.

Pangalusian island

Claim the island is famous for its long white sand, say, one of the largest in El Nido. It is also popular for diving, as clusters of various coral are located around the island. Thus, when the position here, make sure that the equipment of an apartment renowned diving in El Nido, Palawan to get to fully explore its turquoise waters.

Vigan Island

It is also called the “Snake Iceland” for sandbar S-shaped off its coast, which is known only at low tide. Pangalusian near Iceland, this stone various flat areas.

Iceland were

This island is home to a track of the same name, which is considered one of the best places for bird watching in the region. Another attraction is the cave-Leta Leta, where several ancient artifacts have been discovered in the stone and shells. Therefore, a stop on the island is a good choice for history buffs staying in a hotel in Palawan who want more, just explore the white sand beaches.

Clara Buenconsejo is an avid traveler and freelance writer for various travel sites, guides and procedures to create instructions for commuters in different parts of the world. She completed her studies in creative writing a few years. Mission in life is to set foot on at least 6 of the 7 continents.