Inadequate breastfeeding when …

Not all women are lucky to have an adequate milk supply to be given to your baby. Sometimes milk is too little or even no out altogether. So, what needs to be done in order to keep your child’s nutritional needs are met?

It is now so milk substitute formula milk available in the market. Quality is no better than breast milk, but the baby can usually consume it without encountering many problems. However, there are some things to consider before deciding mothers to switch to formula:

What needs to be considered?

Keep a bottle of milk to be free of contamination.
Cover the milk cans meetings once you’re done setting up the milk.
Give the formula that has been mixed with warm water.
Do not give the rest of the milk or milk that is not stored in the refrigerator for over an hour.
If you do not want to directly give milk, immediately enter the milk in the refrigerator.
Milk usually can last for 24 hours.
Clean the milk bottles by boiling them for about 10 minutes, so that all the residual milk left in the bottle can participate shed.
the amount of milk
What needs to be considered?

Before preparing milk, carefully read the labels on the packaging about how many cans of milk to give Mom. Excessive amount of milk will only harm the baby, because the excess protein and salt in milk can affect the kidney is not good for the baby who has not fully developed.
baby milk with a dose measuring spoon is available in cans of milk, and blend with a spoon surface using a clean knife.
Beware if the baby’s weight never increased, or the baby shows symptoms of allergy. Maybe the formula you choose is not in accordance with the child, so it must be replaced with another.