Incidence Prevent Aging Skin On Your Face

Wearing a cream that contains spf every day can prevent free radicals caused by UV emission. Approximately 80% of the causes of skin aging caused by UV rays which contain free radicals.

If we see any wrinkles on the eyelids and pigmentation and redness then it is a sign of skin aging. The signs of aging that makes you uncomfortable and insecure.

Best prevention against 80% caused by UV rays, we can stop the damage caused by free radicals by using antioxidants and broad spectrum spf every day.

Consuming pure vitamin C to enhance the natural skin defenses and neutralize free radicals while.

Stage that maybe you can do to prevent aging of the skin you can follow the following tips:

1. Sleep on their backs. We recommend that you do not sleep on his side because it could make the ex-ruler be a ruler on the skin or other body skin.

2. Do not rub eyes. Some people like to rub their eyes, without realizing it when you rub your eyes when getting out of bed or during leisure time will cause damage to the skin and will produce gari crepeyness lines and wrinkles. To disguise the gari-line you can use mascara.

3. Yoga exercises. Perhaps this exercise you can do at weekends because it is considered very flexible. By doing yoga, you can increase blood flow to all your muscles and skin cells.

Increasing blood flow to feed the cells with all the oxygen and nutrients they need.

Aging skin is a problem that is common and feared by the majority of women. So prevent is the main action before you have wrinkles.