Increase Aesthetic Room with Painting

In the building, there are elements of the space forming the floors, walls, and ceiling. In space, there is the so-called character-forming elements that support the activity in the room such as a sofa or furniture, and decorative elements, the nature beautify, embellish, reinforce the image space, and the value you want to display the occupants.

Decorative elements in great demand because it does not give priority to the function, but more to the aesthetic value. “Decorative elements associated with the artwork. Decorative elements are objects that are placed in a room that further optimize the aesthetic value compared to the value of the function. Or you could say in excess of the value of the function, “said I Made Marthana Yusa, M.Ds., Coordinator of Research and Development Society of Interior Design Bali Indonesia.

Painting to be one of the most popular decorative element of the urban. The price is fairly cheap no further confirm its existence as a work of art that has a high value. To strengthen the image of the room, the placement of the painting itself should be adapted to the function space.

In the dining room, for example, should be adapted to function as a dining room. Choose a painting can evoke psychological appetite dominated warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange, with objects natural painting.

In the study of personal nature, the selection of paintings adapted to the tastes of the owner or the type of work space. The work space should give the impression of a warm and can evoke passion. If activity in the study long enough, should choose pastel colors.

The living room is usually used to introduce the identity of the owner of the house. Not only featuring paintings, but also the intrinsic value. Because each painting has a different impression, as Gunarsa paintings featuring traditional impression.

The thing to remember, because it is made of watercolor or oil paint, painting placement should consider the following points, namely the humidity chamber, not in direct sunlight, and away from the reach of children. In addition, lighting is one factor important to beautify the painting, as well as view and clarify details of paintings, related lines, texture, and color.

Interested in utilizing the paintings to beautify any room in your home?