JFW 2013: Best Collaboration Masterpieces

Although time constraints of the weather that causes a number of flagship show held invalid, the charm of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 (JFW 2013) apparently still able to attract the interest of the public to witness the largest fashion week in Indonesia. For those of you who have not had time to come to the annual performance, consider the following interesting review.

Opening the show were held on November 3, successfully marrying row works of the best designers at home and abroad. This time the designers pride of Indonesia, coupled with designer Sebastian Gunawan country of origin of ginseng, Lie Sang Bong. The theme is different, the two designers preferred the Femina Group presented their masterpiece not only in her clothing but also accessories that are unique and different from usual.

Inspired by colorful butterflies, Lie Sang Bong interpret the design with bright colors like red, green, yellow and blue. Ornaments shaped tiny creature also adorn every detail creation. Lie spilling his ideas through the game cutting firm and peplum detail, strapless dress and attractive motifs.

Unique shapes of butterflies also sweeten a variety of creative accessories such as sunglasses, umbrellas shoes to be worn during the show takes place. Not to forget, the designer who had kicked off Paris Fashion Week in 2002 is slipped a few lines of men’s clothing such as long coat, short pants and variation with edgy design.

On the other hand, Sebastian Gunawan, or more familiarly called Seba, presents the work of Indonesian charmingly titled Bella Pietra. Lifting rocks detail, Seba managed to conjure stone veneer, which is used for the interior of the house, a beautiful application in a fashion. Seba called as nano rocks shaped stone with a special technique to achieve a thickness of 3mm and can be applied to the collection.

“She is beautiful like a flower, but hard like a rock” Seba expression is embodied in his creation. Designers awarded the first ever World Young IAF Designer Award 2004 in Barcelona was playing with peplum detail, hi-waist, accented cape and a variety of unique headpieces from the same material.

Through carpet show Grazia Glitz & Glam, stage JFW 2013 were also witnessed the birth of a number of works from the celebrity capital as Marissa Nasution, Luna Maya, Asmirandah, Dimas Beck and Iwet Ramadan.

Dedication to building visible from the spirit of the young fresh faces that come to enliven the event. Among them, LaSalle International College, Binus International Jakarta and Raffles Institute of Higher Education (Rihe). Some works of foreign designers such as Thailand also increase the tumult grand event.