Job Training, Gateway to the World of Work

The implementation of practical work in a development project will provide many lessons learned in the field of civil engineering, which involves both technical and project management in the field. These experiences complement students’ knowledge acquired during the lecture bench.

A construction project is a complex work with a high degree of difficulty and requires quite a bit of resources to support the success of a development project, it is not only influenced by the quality of materials used, but also influenced by planning methods / ways of working that will be implemented and work same / better coordination between the relevant parties in the implementation of development projects.

In the project, everything must be planned and calculated carefully and thoroughly so that the process of implementation of the work can proceed smoothly without any major obstacles. In addition, awareness, morale, and responsibilities of each personnel to perform their duties is an important factor in determining the success or failure of development projects.

Benefits by doing practical work is to realize that the theory of the lecture bench just a little lesson while the real project is a real lesson for an aspiring engineer for a variety of problems arising in the field of intelligence and experience necessary not just to understand the theory but how to find solutions to any problems happens, this is what is absolutely owned by an engineer.

So, take advantage of internship opportunities as well as possible, so that when stepping into the world of work will not feel awkward and self do not know but to be a graduate with a wealth of experience and sought after by many companies.