Kanavos, the Funky Windows Phone Concept

Since Nokia launched its Windows Phone smartphone, smartphones appear using other brands of smartphone operating system made ​​by Microsoft. But what about the design? Normally may not be different from existing touch screen phones on the market. For those who are bored with the design of an ordinary cell phone, try to peek deh Windows Phone design from Yanko Design website designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos really funky.

Mobile concept named this Kanavos imagined by the designer as a smart phone that presents visual interaction between hardware and software. By Alexandros Stasinopoulos, Kanavos presents a balanced design, presenting a unified balance between hardware, operating systems and interfaces. Kanavos presents a characteristic strong Windows Phone tiles with more real.

Mobile concepts described in 6 attractive color variants does not provide Windows button on the front of the phone like Windows Phone in general. Instead, the Windows key is embedded in the right and left. The reason for moving the key designers is to facilitate ease of user access while holding the phone. It was a concept that served not too overwhelming, and it is not impossible to get out real form . What do you think?