Latest firware update for Canon EOS 7D

Although there are no leaks and the newest generation of bright spots at the Canon EOS 7D will appear, Canon has just announced the latest firmaware update for the Canon EOS 7D. Update firmware version 2.0 provides a significant improvement on the Canon EOS 7D, either for photographs or video capture. For more details, here we describe in more detail some of the increase, and a series of new features that you can enjoy on the Canon EOS 7D using firmware version 2.0 which will be available in August 2012.

1. Maximum Burst Rate Higher

This is one of the most powerful new features to the shooting. Typically, the EOS 7D can shoot at speeds Continuos 15 photos at 8fps produces RAW format. But with the latest firmware update, the EOS 7D can produce up to 25 photos in the RAW format at the same speed.

2. Compatible with Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2

Want to know where you took the photo in more detail? With firware update 2.0 and the help of an optional GPS receiver, Canon GP-E2, EOS 7D can save your location and inform the location of a photo that includes the position of longitude, latitude, and altitude.

3. Manual Audio Level Adjustment

For a more optimal video capture, you can now adjust the volume level of the sound recording manually while taking video with the EOS 7D. There are 64 steps volume level can be selected according to the situations when recording – set the volume to a high level for voice recording piano concert, for example, or lower it while in a race car racing. Not only that, with the help of a digital noise filter own it, you can also record audio with a more clear and free of noise caused by wind.

4. Maximum limit for Auto ISO

For you are more likely to choose the option Auto ISO for taking pictures, now Canon gives you the freedom to set the maximum and minimum ISO option when using Auto ISO. You can choose a minimum of ISO 400 to ISO 6400 – better than the previous firware only provides the option of ISO 100-3200.

5. Jump in Camera RAW Processing

Want to process images without the aid of a computer? Yup! now you can. Canon presents a simple remixing features in firmware update 2.0. You can process RAW images directly in the camera. Some photo processing options provided include setting White Balance, Picture Style, Auto Lightning Optimizer, JPEG quality, Color Space, and the minimization of noise at high ISO and distortion effects to photos.

6. Changing the size of JPEG Photos In Camera

Besides being able to process images, you can now also directly reduce the file size of JPEG images directly. Feature that will save you a lot of time this will change the size of the JPEG file “L” and “M” to a size “M” and “S” into two different files. So the original files will not be lost or altered, while also resize the file will be stored on the memory card.

7. Giving Rating Photos in Camera

Choose the best among the hundreds of photos you take is quite time consuming job. But it’s worse when you forget the location or number of the photo is not it? Therefore, the rating for Canon presents feature signals the photographs your best. When he wants to see the photos you have taken, the preview mode you can simply sort by ratings and photographs will be quickly found.

8. Full Faster When Viewing Photos

You can access some of the features more quickly when in preview mode. By pressing the Quick Control button, you can select features directly as protect some image, rotated, Resized, highlight alerts AF Point display and Image Jump.

9. Customise File Name

With this feature, you can change file names according . The goal is quite simple, that is, besides facilitate Ana in organizing photo files, it can also speed up the search image.

10. Setting the Time Zone

For those of you who like to travel abroad, firmware update 2.0 offers the date and time according to the time zone of the country you’re visiting.

11. Shifting Faster Enlarged Image

To speed up the checking focus and detail, this latest firmware update offers performance magnification and scrolling speed is much faster than usual.